McDonalds Bangalore

McDeals Spinwheel Android App
  • In-store user engagement & gratifications
  • Profiled outlet-mapped user database
  • Loyalty program mapped to user’s mobile numbers across outlets
  • Direct channel to push store offers to end users
  • Centrally manage offers and promos in all McD outlets in Bangalore

Brand wanted to increase in-store User Engagement and Stickiness.

User journey:
  • Customers see signage in McD outlets to download the app by sending an SMS / scanning a QR code
  • At each initialisation, app detects user’s location and confirms the McD outlet
  • Users can also manually select an outlet
  • Once outlet is confirmed, current offers in that outlet are loaded
  • Offers can be published from backend based on -
    • Times of day (10 to 12AM - breakfast offers, 12 - 4PM - meal offers, etc)
    • Days of week (e.g. Every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays)
    • Number of days (e.g. Offer valid for 7 days)
    • Offers at selected outlets only
User journey continued:
  • Users tap-to-spin the wheel to win instant offers
  • User wins an offer and can redeem it at the counter within 15 minutes, After 15 minutes, user can spin the wheel again
  • User’s offers history is saved in database to profile his favoured outlet locations
  • Offers and Promos can be pushed through in-app notifications and SMS from the admin dashboard to users filtered by favourite outlet location, gender, age group

App unpublished by client from Play Store in April 2015 when the campaign was over

Android App on Play Store
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