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Customer Feedback Survey
Conduct a survey amongst existing customer base and gather Analytics to gain a better understanding of ‘User behaviour’, ‘Shopping trends’ and ‘Buying patterns’.

Data Delivery:
Online through Analytical Dashboard


demo Link ___
Campaign flow:
  • Existing customer lists with Account numbers and Mobile numbers in CSV format are uploaded to database
  • SMS broadcast to existing users with embedded short link
  • When users click on the link in SMS, their mobile number is captured and passed along in the URL
  • User lands on landing page survey form and fills the form
  • User mobile number validated to check if the number exists in the user database
  • IF the number is NOT in the database, the user is not an existing customer, an error message is shown ‘Your number is not registered with us’
  • IF the number has previously filled the survey form, an error message is shown ‘You have already completed the survey’
  • IF the number exists in the database and is not a duplicate entry, user submitted data is saved to database
  • All user submitted data is shown in the dashboard created for client including user account number, mobile number and their answers to the survey
  • Reports can be exported from the dashboard in CSV format filtered by date range
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