Daily Winner Contest

Customer Engagement / Profilation Campaign
FR wants to engage their customers by offering daily gratifications and a bumper prize of a trip to Italy, and build a profiled customer database for future engagements.

User journey:
3.5 lakhs coupon codes uploaded to database
User buys FR chocolates and finds contest details and a coupon code in the package
User is asked to SMS the code & a message saying why they like FR chocolates to a VMN
Coupon code recd from user SMS is verified against the database
If the code is valid and unused, user is entered in the pool for daily prize
Acknowledgement SMS goes out to user for valid or invalid code
Daily winners are taken out of the pool of the grand prize
In case a use (mobile number) sends in multiple codes, they are again eligible for daily / grand prize on the new code

User is redirected to FR website where his entire journey is tracked and added to analytics
Admin dashboard shows overall, circle-wise, purchase count-wise and hourly user engagement as well as user database
Automatic reports, daily, weekly and circle-wise are sent to client ID every day and every week at a fixed time/date
All graphs, charts and data are filterable by date, exportable to CSV

Data delivery:
Admin dashboard and auto-triggered CSV reports


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